"Hygiene will not kill Taste !"

Nicolas Bré, Food Scientist ... and...Gourmet ...

     Nicolas BRÉ, Food Scientist, and his professional Team work since more than 20 years now at the development of Culinary Creativity and Food Security; they share their knowledge and innovating discoveries all around the world through the trainings organization QUALI'BRE.

Associating...Pleasure & Food Security,


                  ...Tradition  &  Innovation,


                      ...Product Quality  &  Quality System


                          ...Simplicity  &  Technicality...


                              ...these are the daily challenges of the QUALI'BRE team, bringing together talented chefs and gourmet Scientists.


     The QUALI'BRE Team, animated by a communicative passion and attached to qualitative, pragmatic and human trainings, brings a real development force through its advices, expertise and training, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of food sector.


     It is also in its Professionnal Training Center, a unique educational tool of its kind in Europe, that the talents of our team are fully expressed.


     "When Science meets Gastronomy and Fineness, Quality and Food Security are at the service of Pleasure."


Nicolas Bré,
Quali'bré Director
Science & Gourmandise Director
Quality & Development Manager Futuroscope
Administrator by the Science & Culture Alimentaire Foundation
(Science Academy - Paris - Hervé This)
Manager of the 'Pôle Poitou-Charentes for the Science & Culture Alimentaire' Foundation
Founding Member of the Practice College of Ethnobotany - Lyon - François Couplan - Marc Veyrat.


 Présentation des Activités Quali'Bré